Newswire: The 2017 Toronto International Film Fest has basically all the Oscar contenders

The Toronto International Film Fest is one of The A.V. Club’s favorites. It’s efficiently run, it doesn’t have the insanity of Cannes, and Canada’s a chill place to visit. Plus, it gets damn near every movie worth checking out in a given calendar year, it feels like. So we get excited when TIFF announces its lineup—and as Deadline reports, this year is no different, with just about every film that’s been mentioned as a possible Oscar contender next year premiering at the fest. Here’s a list of some of the most noteworthy titles making an appearance at Toronto this year:

  • I, Tonya, the biopic where Margot Robbie acts out Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding’s insane hit on her rival Nancy Kerrigan
  • Darkest Hour, which hides Gary Oldman under some eerily accurate Winston Churchill prosthetics
  • The Mountain Between Us, a.k.a …

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