Newswire: That Night Of The Living Dead prequel is actually happening

Thanks, we’re sure, to its endorsement from The A.V. Club , Cameron (son of George) Romero was able to raise $30,280 for his proposed Night Of The Living Dead prequel on Indiegogo. Although far short of Romero’s original goal of $150,000, that does buy a lot of butcher-shop scraps. However, $30,000 does not a professional-looking zombie movie make—even Night Of The Living Dead cost $114,000, although that was in the ’60s, when film stock and development formed a significant portion of all movie budgets.

Romero Jr. will presumably be shooting his movie on digital, but according to the campaign page Wishmaster director and legendary SFX artist Robert Kurtzman is on board, and that can’t be cheap. It’s okay though, because Variety reports that Spring Breakers producer Ted Field and his Radar Pictures have stepped forward to finance the rest of the …

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