Newswire: That Mummy reboot will be part horror film, part something else

Universal made the announcement several months ago that its reboot of The Mummy—which will now be a shared universe, as is the law of the land—will be delayed until 2017, as the studio apparently needs a little more time to perfect the state-of-the-art CGI magic captured in the above image. Unsurprisingly, this news generated few complaints, perhaps because no one’s in a big hurry to see yet more films badly replicating Indiana Jones-style adventures but with wobbly Egyptian folklore. However, what did generate irritation was the claim from Universal that this new shared universe of classic Hollywood monsters would be defined by “epic action-adventure,” with nary a word about “horror”—you know, the ostensible purpose of monsters.

Now, screenwriter Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers), who is producing the new Mummy reboot, has hurried to reassure fans these classic characters will indeed be defined by their horror …

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