Newswire: That Dennis Quaid freakout we all thought was fake turned out to be fake

So that video of Dennis Quaid freaking out that we all suspected might have been fake, but went along with anyway because he called a guy “Dopey Dick” and that’s pretty funny, turned out to be a fake. Funny Or Die has come forward to claim credit for the video, which, as it turns out, was a bit of viral marketing for an online comedy video—the teaser for a trailer of the comedy world—and not a Jimmy Kimmel prank.

In the video, Quaid further erodes the sacred compact between enraged celebrity and outraged public by revealing that he was actually yelling at a guy in a penis costume, some people in zombie makeup, and a basket full of kittens, because “pussy” is a humorous, if rather archaic, synonym for “cat.” It all explains the whole thing quite neatly, to which we here at The A.V. Club …

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