Newswire: That Bumblebee spin-off is a prequel, which could start filming this summer

Things aren’t looking too great for Bumblebee in the trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight—he’s getting his transforming ass handed to him by Optimus Prime of all Autobot people. Which is why he’s probably looking forward to his spin-off movie, which will undoubtedly see him in happier circumstances for at least part of its runtime. The solo Bumblebee movie is slated for release some time in 2018, wedged between one of the many Transformers movies Michael Bay swears could get made.

We’ve got some new details on the project, which is rumored to begin production this summer. And Bay himself revealed to MTV that the movie will be a prequel that hearkens back to Bumblebee’s younger days, presumably when he had full control of his speech and didn’t have to rely on snippets from the radio. Not only that, but the film will …

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