Newswire: Texas Rising’s Sarah Jones joins Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan’s Hulu cult

The Way, Hulu’s show about a cult, has attracted more people to its cast—kind of like a cult. It started with Michelle Monaghan and Aaron Paul signing on to play a married couple who are at the center of a “controversial movement, and now Texas Rising’s Sarah Jones has heard the siren’s call.

Jones will play Alison, who leaves the cult after the disappearance of her husband. She eventually teams up with Eddie (Paul) to find him or at the very least some answers. Jones has some experience being in thrall to a sketchy leader, having played the daughter of the leader of a white supremacist group on Sons Of Anarchy. After her role as Pauline Wykhoff in Texas Rising, she’s also familiar with portraying a wife in peril, so she should fight right in with the other cult members.

The Way will be Hulu …

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