Newswire: Terrence Malick’s Voyage Of Time is getting an “Ultra Widescreen” re-release

If you missed Terrence Malick’s Voyage Of Time: The IMAX Experience, or if you saw it and just thought the Brad Pitt voiceover was really annoying, you’re in luck. According to Variety, Malick is releasing an “Ultra Widescreen” version which will screen with a 3.6:1 aspect ratio. It will play on 21 screens—none of which housed the film when it was first released back in October—starting this Friday.

The new edition gets rid of Pitt’s narration, so you can just settle in for a journey across space and time without his hunky sounds in your ears. In a statement, Pitt invited audiences: “Now, witness first-hand Malick’s vision as he hoped it to be seen, with the newest 3.6 version—a purely experiential film presented in the widest aspect ratio possible.” This is the third iteration of Voyage Of Time out there …

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