Newswire: Ted Nugent announces a kinder, gentler Nuge in the wake of the Alexandria shootings

Well, it happened: We finally found something capable of making “Wango Tango” rocker Ted Nugent stop idly ruminating on how nice it would be for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to suck on the end of his machine gun, and all it took was a U.S. Representative getting shot in broad daylight. Nugent gave an interview today to a New York radio station, stating that, in the wake of the shootings yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia—which left GOP Rep. Steve Scalise in critical condition, and several others wounded—he was giving up his consistently violent brand of screaming-wahoo political rhetoric. “At the tender age of 69, my wife has convinced me that I just can’t use those harsh terms,” Entertainment Weekly quotes him as saying, although it fails to note if he punctuated his statement by sadly throwing up the horns.

Nugent has traditionally been almost as big …

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