Newswire: Ted Leo’s Trump hatred burns bright in fiery song and essay

The 2016 presidential race has afforded many artists and comedians plenty of fodder for their acts. Most entries in the resultant politically-charged subgenre of music are anti-Donald Trump, probably because the embattled mogul never met a licensing agreement. These quickly became concentrated efforts, with Dave Eggers’ 30 Days, 30 Songs project enlisting the aid of El Vy, Franz Ferdinand, and Death Cab For Cutie to blast Trump with sweet tuneage. For her contribution to the project, “Can’t You Tell?,” Aimee Mann’s conceit is that Trump’s in over his head. Now her The Both bandmate, Ted Leo, has released his own anti-Trump track, though he’s taken up with Kickstarter’s Election Issues forum.

Leo’s “In The Mean Times”—though he describes it as “hastily written and recorded one”—is filled with familiar sounds, though it’s the first song he’s written about Trump’s ascent …

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