Newswire: Ted Leo’s ready to stir shit up with a new album and Kickstarter campaign

Ted Leo’s taking label matters into his own hands, launching a Kickstarter to fund his new, as-yet-untitled album. The proceeds of the campaign, which is already live, will cover recording costs and such, but also give Leo free creative rein over packaging and marketing. As he put it in a message from Kickstarter, he wants to “keep making music for me; I want to keep making music for you. I’m seeking sustainability, and it’s my belief that I have a responsibility to use my platform to do what I can to help others achieve that, too; and I’m going to remain as active as possible toward that end.”

Leo’s Kickstarter goal is $85,000, and the rewards for backers range from digital downloads and signed postcards to a vegan meal with the artist and even a private solo show. Leo does plan to support the …

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