Newswire: Ted Cruz pulls campaign ad featuring former softcore actress

We all feel like we know celebrities thanks to all that time we spend staring at their fascinatingly symmetrical faces, but the truth is that sometimes, a public persona is just that. The TV Don Juan all the women swoon over might be extremely awkward in person, the tough-guy rapper might have learned everything he knows on the mean streets of his high school debate team, and that suburban mom type who encourages people to vote for Ted Cruz even though he’s kind of funny looking might actually be an ex-softcore porn actress. And, as anyone who’s even glimpsed his face knows intuitively, women who are comfortable with their bodies make Ted Cruz nervous.

That’s what happened to a California woman named Amy Lindsay, who appeared in dozens of softcore movies throughout the ’90s and early 2000s under her own name as well as such lusty pseudonyms …

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