Newswire: TCA roundup: Stephen Colbert and CBS are coming for your glowing rectangles

The headline read “90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles,” and if it seemed literally unbelievable, that’s because it was. Dropped into a CBS presentation on viewership trends, the article turned out to hail from The A.V. Club‘s sister publication, The Onion. It’s fake news, rooted in truth: When we watch TV, it’s rarely the only screen we’re staring at, as CBS research chief David Poltrack and CBS Digital Media honcho Marc DeBevoise pointed out to the members of the Television Critics Association today. And as it turns out, the multi-screen experience is a technological advance that could defeat a different technological advance that’s plagued commercial TV for the past decade-plus. “People are fast forwarding through less and less advertising, and do you know why they are?” Poltrack asked in reference to DVR users. “Because they are too busy on their …

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