Newswire: TCA Roundup: HBO head talks David Chase and True Detective backlash

HBO’s official slogan is still “It’s HBO,” but it’s unofficial slogan is “HBO: If You’ve Worked Here Before, You Can Work Here Again!” It’s a terrible slogan but an accurate summary of an executive session with HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Lombardo confirmed progress on David Chase’s long-awaited follow-up to The Sopranos, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Divorce and a likely third season of the suddenly beleaguered True Detective.

Regarding the latter show, which has been pilloried far and wide throughout its second season, Lombardo boasted its viewership of 12 million and voiced his unyielding confidence in creator Nic Pizzolatto. Though Lombardo said he’d been away on vacation during much of the grousing, he wasn’t concerned after returning to a critical revolt against season two. He urged patience as the show rolls out its final …

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