Newswire: Taylor Swift trademarks “Swifties” for potential app, classes, mobile game

Taylor Swift is plotting, well, something. That’s not unusual for the trademark-happy pop star, who hasn’t yet found an element of her persona that she couldn’t turn into merchandise. But today there’s been a flurry of news—and confusion—as to what she’s got up her sleeve. Billboard now reports that her TAS Rights Management, LLC filed a whopping nine trademarks for “Swifties” last month; breaking that down, the publication explains that she may be developing “a personalized fan club app complete with exclusive merchandise, audio/video/live performances, and the possibility of a mobile game.”

That’s not, as TMZ indicated earlier, a streaming service aimed at competing with her mortal enemy Spotify. Swift, as you may recall, removed her music from that platform in 2014, saying, “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t …

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