Newswire: Taylor Swift now owns the phrase “This Sick Beat,” all sick beats

Long has the phrase “This Sick Beat” been associated with Taylor Swift—as in: “Man, what is this sick beat?” “Dude! That’s popular elf Taylor Swift!”—and now that bond is official. The singer, who’s previously inscribed her name on everything from the smell of wonderstruckness to the entire city of New York, has been given a trademark for the phrase “This Sick Beat” by the U.S. Patent Office. From this day forward, any and all sick beats belong to Taylor Swift, under penalty of law.

More specifically, Swift owns the sole right to use “This Sick Beat”—along with four other phrases from her latest album, 1989—in association with “public appearances,” as well as an entire flea market full of potential products that you might want to put it on. Were you planning on making a “This Sick Beat” Christmas ornament to celebrate the birth …

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