Newswire: Tate Taylor will direct a movie about the U.S. Naval disaster made famous by Jaws

The speech given in Jaws by Quint (Robert Shaw) about the disaster that befell the crew of the USS Indianapolis during World War II is justly praised, and has caused more than a few members of its audience to wonder what that awful experience might have been like. It looks like they may get their wish, at least in part: Deadline reports that director Tate Taylor (The Help, Get On Up) has been hired to direct a film based on the story of the ill-fated warship.

For those with hazy memory of Shaw’s monologue (crafted in part by Shaw himself), a brief refresher: The ship was returning from delivering the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima when it was sunk by torpedoes. As the surviving navy men floated in the water, they underwent a horrifying ordeal, which you can get the specifics of by watching the clip below—though it …

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