Newswire: Tarsem Singh to direct NBC’s Emerald City, because life is weird

Director Tarsem Singh’s filmmaking career is scattered with surprising moves and seemingly nonsensical ideas. In 2000, he made the weirdo Jennifer Lopez thriller The Cell, which turned out to be a reasonably big hit. He followed that up six years later with The Fall, a divisive film that people either love because it looks gorgeous, or hate because their eyeglass prescription isn’t strong enough and they probably couldn’t see it properly. Then he made Immortals and Mirror Mirror, two films with predictably interesting visuals, but with storylines based on (or loosely based on) existing works—the myth of Theseus and the story of Snow White, respectively. After the inescapable uniqueness of his first two movies, Immortals and Mirror Mirror seemed more like Tarsem was trying to fit his style into studio-friendly projects that could be marketed more easily. Finally, just last week he released Self/Less, a …

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