Newswire: Taran Killam opens up about the time “moron” Donald Trump was on SNL

When Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live back in 2015, everyone involved managed to put a unified face in it: just a bunch funny people, spending quality time with a man they didn’t like, helping to humanize him so he could eventually be president. A year and a half (and a sudden departure from the series) later, and former SNL star Taran Killam is finally ready to open up about that week, touching on Trump’s time on the show during a longer interview with Brooklyn magazine.

Killam gets into Trump-talk through his connection to Hamilton, where he’s been playing King George since January. Asked about Trump’s reaction of the previous cast’s speech to Vice President Mike Pence, Killam replied, “Yeah, well, the president is a moron.” He then went on to give a quick description of the staff reaction to Trump’s appearance on SNL …

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