Newswire: Tales From The Crypt wants you to help write its new season

Good screaming, boils and ghouls! You didn’t think I’d pass up a chance to make a bunch of corny puns off of the latest Tales From The Crypt news, did you? Yes, that horse is dead, but so’s the Cryptkeeper, kiddies! And I’m going to keep beating it! That’s what you get for betting on the groan-ies! AHhahahahaahahahahahaHA!

But we’re not here to beat dead horses. We’ll save that for dessert. We’re here to talk about the news that Turner Broadcasting, the scare-ent company for my re-boo-ted series of televised terror tales, has partnered with a fan-fiction site called Wattpad to dig up fresh gory-lines for the new season of Tales From The Crypt! Now, I’ve been dead a long time, kiddies, and this crowdsourcing thing is new to your pal the Cryptkeeper. As far as …

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