Newswire: Taika Waititi will cameo in his Thor movie

Just how much of a Taika Waititi movie is Thor: Ragnarok? Well, it will have a cameo from the director. ”It’s not like a thing that I’ve ever planned, but now I’m in all of my movies in a small role or a larger role,” he told The A.V. Club at a Rooftop Films gala honoring him Tuesday night in New York. “I’ll probably just keep doing that. It’s like a dumb thing I do now.”

Sitting in St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church on Manhattan’s east side, we quizzed Waititi about the Marvel project he’s taking on—a divergence from the lovable, but smaller pieces he’s made in the past. Waititi had previously said that his Thor will have a “Taika-esque tone,” so we wondered what the most Taika element of it is: “I think the overall sense that I’m …

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