Newswire: Syfy renews the delightfully ridiculous Z-Nation for a fourth season

Ensuring that its comedy-apocalypse hybrid Z-Nation keeps on shambling for another year, Syfy has announced that it’s renewing the Kellita Smith-starring series for a fourth 13-episode season. Smith stars as the leader of a survivor group tasked with escorting half-zombie ex-con Murphy (Keith Allen) to the West Coast for study, a job made far more difficult by Murphy’s growing abilities and megalomaniacal ambitions.

Although it started out as a sort of Walking Dead knockoff lark, Z-Nation has picked up some healthy critical buzz in the last year or so. Much of that praise stems from the series’ clear-eyed honesty about its own ridiculousness, whether that comes in the form of survivors bowling over a horde of undead with a giant wheel of cheese, or George R.R. Martin appearing as his own zombie self, still signing books from sheer, ingrained muscle memory. The show will return to Syfy …

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