Newswire: Syfy greenlights two seasons of its creepypasta anthology series

A year before the show even hits the airwaves, Syfy is looking to make its new horror anthology series Channel Zero an annual thing. The network has announced that the new show—which intends to adopt the 500-word online horror stories known as “creepypasta” into six hours of quality TV per year—has been picked up for a two-season commitment.

The series is being executive produced by director Max Landis and Hannibals Nick Antosca, who intend to air a season every October, just in time for Halloween. The first season—a six-episode adaptation of Kris Straub’s concisely effective Candle Cove—will air in fall 2016, expanding the original story to focus on a man driven mad by his memories of a mysterious puppet show. There’s no word yet on which story the pair will be tackling for the 2017 edition, meanwhile, or which haunted video game or …

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