Newswire: Syfy contains outbreak, cancels Helix

Helix wrapped its second season earlier this month, and now it looks like the season finale will double as the series closer: Syfy has just announced its cancellation.

The show had a record-breaking—for Syfy, anyway—premiere, averaging over one million viewers in season one, but it lost over half its audience in its second outing. Despite Helix‘s pedigree—Battlestar Galactica‘s Ron Moore served as executive producer, and the first season starred The 4400’s Billy Campbell and Jeri “Seven of Nine” Ryan—the series struggled with weak dialogue and flat characters.

Syfy is reportedly concentrating on its critical hits like 12 Monkeys, which has been greenlit for a second season, as well as a potentially unwieldy adaptation of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Of course, if you were really hooked on the CDC-pathologist-with-an-estranged-wife storyline, you can take comfort in the news that The Strain was renewed for …

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