Newswire: Syfy casts Superman’s grandfather in its Krypton prequel series

According to Deadline, Syfy has cast newcomer Cameron Cuffe in the all-important lead role for Krypton, its Superman prequel series. Cuffe will play Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, meaning he’s someone whose biggest achievement is fathering a guy who fathered a significantly more important guy. That may sound harsh, but the people of Krypton aren’t exactly known for living long, productive lives after a certain point, and this character in particular has made virtually no impact on any version of Superman’s origin. That being said, Krypton could easily pull a Gotham and just arbitrarily change everything from the comics on a whim, so maybe Seg-El will somehow cross paths with Lex Luthor and prevent his planet’s destruction decades ahead of time.

As for the actual plot of the show, Deadline says it concerns Seg-El as he “fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved …

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