Newswire: Susan Sarandon will no longer play First Lady to ex-president Nick Nolte

Susan Sarandon was poised to take on her first regular television role, in a half-hour political comedy called Graves for cable/streaming network Epix. But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sarandon has dropped out of the show, which would have re-united her with Lorenzo’s Oil co-star Nick Nolte.

In Graves, Nolte plays the title character, America’s most haggard president who, 20 years after leaving office, decides to right his administration’s many wrongs. It’s a sort of political My Name Is Earl, but with “sold arms to Iran” instead of “lost my own car because I’m an idiot.” However, ex-President Nolte’s efforts to make good interfere with the former First Lady’s own political ambitions, a situation that has absolutely no real-world parallels.

No word on the reason for Sarandon’s departure, but with the show’s debut still a year away, Epix still …

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