Newswire: Surprise! There’s a new Prince album (again)

Prince is a surprising guy. Sometimes that means the good kind of surprise, like when he gets on Princestagram and reminds us he’s a fan of the “Game. Blouses” bit from Chappelle’s Show, or when he walks back his famously strict control over his internet presence to let a cover of “Creep” slip out. Other items in the Prince Mystery Grab Bag are less pleasant, though, like when he drops a new album on the world, and it turns out to be not so great. (Though this may not actually qualify as a surprise, depending on your opinion of modern-era Prince.) It remains to be seen, then, what sort of Prince surprise we’re getting today, as The Artist Currently Known As Himself releases a new album, HITNRUN Phase Two, on the world without even a hint of advance warning.

As the name suggests, the album is a …

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