Newswire: Supergirl powers up an actor to play the villainous Reactron

Supergirl, CBS’s upcoming foray into the DC superhero world, continues to accrue bad guys for its hero to beat up, and not just on rival networks. Entertainment Weekly reports the series has cast Chris Browning as the villain Reactron, a nemesis of Superman’s from Metropolis who dresses in an armored suit powered by nuclear energy. Which, if you’re going to fight Supergirl, then yeah, a suit with the strength of a nuclear reactor seems like the way to go.

You may recognize Browning from his role as Gogo on Sons Of Anarchy‘s fifth season, where things did not exactly work out in his favor. Or perhaps you know him from The 100, where things didn’t end well for his character. Chris Browning plays a lot of people with bad luck. But now he’s going to be a supervillain who gets fed up with failing …

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