Newswire: Supergirl may soon get a Bizarro visitor

It sounds like CBS’ Supergirl might be introducing a certain backwards-talking doppelgänger once the show comes back from its winter break early next year. Or, as they say in Bizarro World, it look like NBC’s Normalman won’t get rid of unspecified forward-looking unique individual when movie leaves for summer at end of last year. (Also, it may be culturally insensitive to say this, but that’s a pretty stupid way to talk.)

That news was dropped by Supergirl co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg on Kevin Smith’s Fat Man On Batman podcast during a discussion on villains who might pop up on the show. Kreisberg doesn’t say which version of Bizarro will appear—as in, Bizarro Superman or Bizarro Supergirl—but Bizarro Girl seems like the obvious choice. Otherwise, the show would sort-of reveal what its actual Superman looks like, and nobody wants the show about Supergirl to waste …

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