Newswire: Supergirl is casting a young Superman

Ever since it premiered last month, CBS’s Supergirl has flown in the shadow of its title character’s more famous Kryptonian cousin, constantly referencing Kara Danvers’ efforts to establish herself outside Superman’s almost overpowering legacy. Through it all, the show has kept the Man Of Steel on the sidelines, giving viewers little more than awkward iChat messages or out-of-focus shots of the DC Comics powerhouse (and preventing Warner Bros. from having to bifurcate its TV and film comic book properties even further by having two different Supermen flying around, like it was the mullet-loving ’90s all over again.)

Now, the show’s Superman embargo is finally ready to lift, with TVLine reporting that the series will be revealing the face of Kal-El of Krypton some time in 2016. It won’t be the modern Superman who takes the stage, though, but his younger self; the show is currently …

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