Newswire: Sundance launches new section dedicated to indie TV

Recently, the medium of television enjoyed a so-called “golden age,” during which the worst shows were better than the best movies and the best shows were so good that they could make the toughest bastard cry himself to death. That period elevated TV in the public eye and convinced a number of legitimate movie stars to give the ol’ small screen a chance, and now—even though TV isn’t as cool as it was a few years ago—the Sundance Film Festival has decided to start celebrating independent television.

This comes from Deadline, which says Sundance has launched a new section called “Indie Episodic” that is designed “specifically for stories told in multiple installments.” Deadline notes that Sundance has already been showcasing stuff from TV networks and streaming services for a while now, but this new section will allow for more TV and “episodic” content to be eligible for …

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