Newswire: Study says we prefer singers who look like big babies during good times

In times of economic trouble, one might assume that America would want to escape with cutesy innocence—as when we spent the Great Depression watching Shirley Temple, the tapping of her flailing baby limbs drowning out the sound of our stomachs gnawing on boiled shoe leather. But according to a recent study, the opposite may be true: It says that when times are tough, we tend to gravitate toward performers whose faces have more mature features, while we celebrate prosperity with younger-looking stars. It’s a report that should prove a boon to economists who are really sick of looking at numbers all the time.

For everyone else, of course, it’s just an interesting (if questionable) correlation proposed by psychology professor Terry F. Pettijohn II. He’s published a study that compares the faces of the most popular country music stars from 1946 to 2010 to the economic index …

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