Newswire: Study claims Fuller House is the most popular show on Netflix, maybe all of TV

It’s a well-known industry truth: Netflix doesn’t discuss its ratings. Sure, sometimes it’ll dole out a tidbit or two, reminding us that we’re all a bunch of binge-watching tubs of goo. But the company keeps its actual viewership numbers very quiet. The assumption is that there’s no especially good reason for the streaming service to share its data, since it doesn’t have advertisers to placate, and the misconceptions inherent in mapping the company’s model to more traditional, Nielsen-style ratings could be actively harmful to its health as a “network.”. But maybe it’s not all self-interest at play, either; maybe there’s some altruism, too. Maybe CEO Ted Sarandos and company are protecting us all, shielding the world from a dark and terrible truth. Like, say, the idea that Fuller House might be the most popular show on TV.

That’s per tech …

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