Newswire: Stream the Toadies’ new album, marvel at the passage of time

If it feels like only yesterday you ran home from buying the Toadies’ just-released debut album Rubberneck, you might want to see a doctor about possibly having dissociative amnesia, because that thing came out more than 20 years ago. Still, if you’ve listened to it since, you know it holds up pretty well. And now, following the reissue of Rubberneck in 2014, the band has released a new album, called Heretics, available to stream now on Billboard. It sounds very much like the Toadies, and very much like a record that was meant to be listened to while drinking some Bockslider, the official Toadies beer, a brand we here at The A.V. Club know all too well. The album is overflowing with the dark Southern-gothic sound the band has been honing since its reunion in 2006. The album will be out September 18 via Kirtland Records.

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