Newswire: Steven Spielberg to direct the film adaptation of Ready Player One

When news broke last year that screenwriter Zak Penn had been tapped by Warner Brothers to adapt Ernest Cline’s best-selling Ready Player One to film, rumors began swirling about high-profile directors looking to helm the movie. Said rumormongers apparently weren’t kidding around, as it’s been announced that Steven Spielberg will be throwing his considerable skills and cachet behind Cline’s elaborate nerd culture scavenger hunt of a story, just as soon as he finishes working on The BFG. In hindsight, it’s a natural fit; the novel’s focus on adventure, technology, and an almost overwhelming sense of nostalgia places it firmly in the famous dinosaur hunter‘s directorial wheelhouse.

As with all books published since 2006, Ready Player One takes place in a dystopia; in this case, it’s one where people hide from their miserable lives and a ruined economy by playing in a virtual …

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