Newswire: Steven Soderbergh retires jokes about being retired, decides to make a movie

Here at The A.V. Club, we’ve had a lot of fun over the years with the idea of Steven Soderbergh’s retirement—a three-year period that’s covered some of the director, editor, and cinematographer’s most consistent and prolific work, including unofficial film edits, a Liberace biopic, and directing every single episode of an entire Cinemax TV show. But no truly good thing can last, and so, it is with heavy hearts that we must report this news: The end of Soderbergh’s film-making career has come to an end.

As reported by Variety, the Traffic director has become attached to direct a new feature film, breaking his sacred vow and sending Soderbergh retirement fans a-weeping into the hills. What could lure the Ocean’s Eleven mastermind away from his idle senior days of executive producing three TV shows at a time? Simple: Hillbilly Heist, a project …

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