Newswire: Steven Moffat says Maisie Williams will play “a brand new character” on Doctor Who

As everyone knows, there are two kinds of lies: Bad ones that are hurtful, and less bad ones that are a little less hurtful. For example, telling someone you like their outfit even though it’s awful isn’t nearly as bad as, say, telling them you’re not sleeping with their husband even though you totally are. They’re both lies, but one probably won’t result in you getting punched in the face, and the other probably will. For people who work in certain kinds of movies and TV shows, the more benign type of lie is sometimes a deeply important part of the creative process. That’s why J.J. Abrams refused to admit that Khan was in Star Trek Into Darkness before the movie came out. He thought lying to the audience would be worth the big chuckle he’d get when we all realized the …

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