Newswire: Steve-O will face criminal charges for his crane-climbing SeaWorld protest

The internet loves those videos were someone attaches a GoPro to their face and then climbs some stupidly huge building in Dubai or whatever. The thing about those videos, though, is that they’re made by people who aren’t famous, so we don’t find out about them until the stunt is long over and the daredevil is getting a few upvotes on Reddit. However, climbing a tall thing and filming the whole process is a little harder to pull of when you’re the former star of a couple of MTV shows and a few movies. Also, apparently the law enforcement community doesn’t enjoy those videos as much as the internet does. Steve-O has now learned both of these lessons.

Earlier this month, Steve-O was really hyped on Blackfish—the documentary about how SeaWorld has created a generation of orcas that truly enjoy killing humans—so he …

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