Newswire: Steve Bannon was somehow a Deadhead ladies man in college

These days, America knows and loves Steve Bannon as one of the most inexplicably powerful men in the White House, the leprechaun who tells Donald Trump to burn things, and the grim-faced specter of death who haunts the backgrounds of photographs like a slightly scarier Slenderman, but according to a Daily Beast report, the Bannon of today would be unrecognizable to the people who knew him when he was going to college at Virginia Tech in the ‘70s. That’s because the old Steve Bannon was actually a “history nerd,” a Grateful Dead fan, a “Jerry Brown liberal,” and a total “ladies man” who “didn’t have to work hard” to meet girls.

The Daily Beast gathered this information by talking to “old friends, acquaintances, and roommates” who knew Bannon, and they all seemed to agree that he was a pretty hip dude in college with a sharp political mind …

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