Newswire: Stephen King wrote something, so obviously it’s being made into a movie

These days, if Stephen King is sitting at home and there’s nothing good on TV, he simply scribbles some words on a piece of paper and tosses it out the window, and within minutes whatever he wrote has been turned into a film, ready for viewing. Thus, when he actually bothers to put together an entire story, the speed at which it gets translated to the screen is roughly equivalent to the pace at which new Mark Millar comics are adapted into films. So it should surprise no one that Screen Daily reports In The Tall Grass, a novella King co-wrote with his son Joe Hill in 2012, is being turned into a movie.

The screenplay is being written by Vincenzo Natali, the gifted writer-director who helmed the cult classic Cube and superlative episodes of TV’s Hannibal. (He also made Splice, because it’s an imperfect world and …

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