Newswire: Stephen Colbert tried in vain to get Oliver Stone to criticize Vladimir Putin

With director Oliver Stone on hand for last night’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert to publicize his upcoming four-part Showtime documentary series The Putin Interviews, one might have expected fireworks. After all, Colbert has made a recent career (and ratings gold) out of nightly mocking the increasingly obvious Russian interference in the presidential election. And Stone has made an Oscar-winning film career of his own by applying his often bombastic, sledgehammer social lens to real-life events and figures. As last night’s interview played out, however, things were both subdued and uncomfortable, as the host worked his polite damnedest to get Stone to say one thing that would suggest The Putin Interviews represents anything more than a two year exercise in Putin-approved propaganda. (Something Stone’s been accused of falling for before.)

Starting out by noting the heat Stone’s been getting on that score, Colbert kept gently but …

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