Newswire: Stephen Colbert says he’d trade his good ratings for “a better president”

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has been getting better ratings than Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show for 10 weeks now, and it’s clear that the boost is almost entirely because of the way Colbert is willing to get political and call out Donald Trump’s bullshit. In fact, Colbert’s winning streak has been so prolonged that Fallon—the man who once bowed down in front of Trump and kissed his ring on national television—is supposedly being pressured to follow his lead and get more political. Colbert knows that his lead is coming at a cost, though, and in a new Hollywood Reporter profile, he says he’d “trade good ratings for a better president.”

That line came in response to a question about whether or not he owes Trump “a thank-you note,” and Colbert explained that if it wasn’t Trump’s election that kicked his show …

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