Newswire: Stephen Colbert returns from vacation to find Donald Trump Jr. has wrecked the joint

Late night political comedians like Stephen Colbert need vacations, even when viewers need them not to take vacations. After all, who is going to process the mounting daily affronts to democracy—not to mention decency—being inflicted on us by Donald Trump and his administration into queasily cathartic laughter when the Colberts, Bees, Noahs, Olivers, and the rest are assiduously avoiding their TVs so that they don’t go full Network on their various networks’ airwaves? Still, perhaps against his will, Colbert returned from a week off last night fully loaded, both with dogged enthusiasm for his comedic duty, and with more than a week’s worth of targets from the house of Trump. That despite Colbert’s assertion that he had, indeed, avoided the news as much as humanly possible over the July 4th holiday to, as he put it, “celebrate my love of this country by not watching …

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