Newswire: Stephen Colbert launches counter-raffle to Jeb Bush’s Late Show ticket raffle

A lot of politicians are scheduled to show up on the first few weeks of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, but in a surprising move for a politician to make, one of them is taking advantage of the show to promote their own agenda. Alright, that’s not really surprising, but the identity of the politician doing this is actually unexpected: Jeb Bush, the guy from that famous family. Oh, that’s not surprising either? Well, whatever.

As we’ve previously reported, Jeb Bush is set to be one of the guests on Colbert’s first episode, but apparently that honor wasn’t enough for him. According to Deadline, he also wants to guarantee that he has at least one supporter in the audience by raffling off a ticket to the show. Bush reportedly sent out an e-mail this week saying that everyone who donates at least $3 to his …

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