Newswire: Stephen Colbert is also pissed off about those Ticketmaster vouchers

Earlier this week, Ticketmaster unveiled the disappointing list of shows on which people could use the vouchers they got as part of a settlement against the company. But we’re not the only ones who were underwhelmed—Stephen Colbert was as well, and took some time to bemoan the crappy options on The Late Show last night:

“What gives, Ticketmaster?” he said. “If I want to see a lame Guns N’ Roses cover band, I’ll go see Guns N’ Roses.” Fair point. In the segment, Colbert also speculated as to what other artists you might be able to see; we’re really looking forward to checking out “Weird Al Yankovic cover artist Absurd Philip Moskowitz.” It’s unclear how Philip spells his name, but he sounds top notch.

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