Newswire: Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah talked poison rhetoric and black Trump on The Late Show

In a meeting of late night political comedy hosts, Stephen Colbert had Daily Show anchor Trevor Noah to The Late Show last night, where the two veterans of the satirical trenches swapped Trump notes, and addressed the day’s mass shooting in Alexandria. Virginia. Doing comedy in the face of a mass shooting is, sadly, something both Colbert and Noah have become depressingly adept at, and the two took time to talk about their hopes that the bi-partisan solidarity expressed by Republican and Democratic leaders in the wake of the shooting of GOP Congressman Steve Scalise and several others would, this time, lead to some much needed mutual mellowing with regard to the poison rhetoric that’s become de rigeur in Washington and around the nation. Citing the fact that recent Daily Show guest, Democratic Senator Al Franken shared that he has long been friends with embattled Republican Attorney General …

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