Newswire: Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump had a surprisingly civil conversation on The Late Show

After months of waiting and dry-Trumping, Stephen Colbert finally interviewed Republican-nomination frontrunner and cosplay inspiration Donald Trump on Tuesday night’s Late Show. Colbert fired off an early shot in his monologue, when he joked that he might one day be able to tell his grandchildren that he’d interviewed the last president of the United States. But the anticipated clash between the real-estate tycoon and the titan of late night never really transpired, as Colbert kept things mostly civil and playful, and Trump did his best impression of being avuncular.

The Late Show host gave the recently unemployed man and Level 2 birther a chance to take back some of his racist comments. But the Tangerine Dream demurred, insisting he had nothing to apologize for. Colbert then engaged him in some role-play by standing in for Mexico’s president, and Trump laid out his plan for a border wall …

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