Newswire: Stephen Baldwin is not amused by Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression

Stephen Baldwin, God’s own gift to Billy Baldwin, has repeatedly found himself at odds with his brothers—as he has the world—ever since becoming an evangelical Christian. In the past, Baldwin’s deeply religious, ultra-right-wing beliefs have led to things like launching a fundraiser to “facilitate the gifts and calling of Stephen Baldwin,” founding a ministry that combined preaching with extreme sports, and directing the Christian-themed skateboarding movie Livin’ It. But they’ve also influenced some things that aren’t so full of laughs. For example, Stephen’s response to his brother’s Donald Trump impression.

As the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant who’s currently dominating the “Support Donald Trump” challenge, the Littlest Baldwin was at Wednesday’s final presidential debate. It was there CBS News took the opportunity to ask him about Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live performance as Trump, which Trump himself has denounced. And …

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