Newswire: Starz will show off American Gods at this year’s Comic-Con

We’ve been getting excited for Bryan Fuller’s new Starz series, American Gods, for a while now. Fuller’s track record—which includes cult favorite Pushing Daisies and the late, still-lamented Hannibal—speaks for itself, the casting has been impeccable, and the set photos look like they’re adeptly capturing the Americana-meets-mythology vibe of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel. Now, we—or, at least, those of us in San Diego this year—will finally get a look at the Ian McShane-starring series in person, with Deadline reporting that Starz is bringing American Gods to next month’s Comic-Con International.

Fuller, Gaiman, and McShane will all be in attendance, along with series lead Ricky Whittle and co-stars Yetide Badaki, Pablo Shreiber, Bruce Langley, and Michael Green. Given how weird Fuller’s Hannibal panels used to get—full of innuendos and flower garlands on everybody’s heads—it’s unclear what …

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