Newswire: Start saying your goodbyes to your car’s CD player

As the Los Angeles Times reports, Hyundai has announced that its 2016 line of cars will feature a new touchscreen audio system that communes via Bluetooth with your Apple or Android phones and can support third-party apps—but doesn’t take CDs. And while it’s only certain models that will take on the new Display Audio System at first, it’s yet another portent for an eventual end to the technology, with in-car CD players seemingly destined to go the way of tape decks, eight-tracks, and having a banjo player on your rumble seat. After all, there is the old familiar saying, “As Hyundai goes, so goes Americans who drive Hyundais because they just sort of got talked into it at Carmax.”

Of course, Hyundai isn’t the first automaker to do away with the CD player, which once entertained millions of drivers with their own carefully crafted, 74-minute …

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