Newswire: Start getting used to President Trump with his first 60 Minutes interview

Whatever your feelings about Tuesday’s results—and barring some last-minute revelation that we’re all just living in a giant, tacky condo in his imagination—eventually, we must face the reality that is President Donald Trump. As it did with the hateful rhetoric that led to all this in the first place, television will play a large role in normalizing that. Much of the process has already begun, with Trump promising to build a giant wall—of compassion!—in his televised concession speech, and today’s footage of the meeting between Trump and President Obama, where Trump called Obama a “very good man,” and Obama was also pretty cool and didn’t even bring up the fact that Trump spent five years hounding him for his birth certificate or that the guy he’s handing the keys over to was openly endorsed by the KKK. So, really nice morning …

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